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Prosthetic Medical High-Density Gel Liners For Prosthetics Leg

1.ISO 9001:2000/CE passed
2. Article No.:SPFRHD
3. Material: gel.
4. Product weight: 0.75kg (28-3),0.85kg(28-6)
5. Sizes: for adult and child
6. Body weight up to 100-120kg
7. MOQ: 1 set
8. Delivery time: within 3-5 days after receiving payment.
9. Warranty time: after delivery time for one year.

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Product name
prosthetic liner cushion
Material Gel
Product weight 0.85-1.5kg
Body weight up to
Size 16/20/24/26/28/32/38/44
Color Black
Introduction The Alps Super Gel Cover is an ideal product for patients with high mobility. The material is made of Alps viscous gel or high-density gel to provide superior comfort. The high-performance black fabric on the surface of the gel cover provides patients with more excellent comfort and stability.

High-performance black fabric, available in two materials, viscous gel and high-density gel,
Provide 3mm or 6mm uniform thickness
Divided into with keyhole and without keyhole

The elasticity of the inner sleeve makes it soft and tightly contain the stump, protect and stabilize the soft tissue of the stump, avoid the friction of the stump in the receiving cavity, reduce or even eliminate local pressure, and provide a comfortable cushion for the sensitive area of the skin. When walking, it can significantly relieve the friction and pressure on the skin surface, reduce pain and wear, and make the amputee feel very comfortable.

Cleaning the liner/sleeve

Do not use oil based soap.

Daily:Hand wash the surface with warm water and hypoallergenic pH-balanced soap(such as ALPS Cleanser-pd595)

Use a wash cloth to wipe the surfaces but do not rub/scrub or you may damage the product.

Rinse well after washing.

Wipe dry with a clean,dry towel.

Allow the product to dry thoroughly before use and do not dry on sources of direct heat.

Weekly:Pour a small amount of rubbing alcohol on a soft,clean cloth.Wipe the liner /sleeve with the cloth;dry thoroughly with a towel.Do not soak the liner/sleeve in alcohol.

To remove a stain on the fabric side,use a cloth dampened in acetone(nail polish remover)and rub until clean.

Do not soak in acetone or you will dissolve the gel.

Company Profile

.Business Type: Manufacturer/Factory

.Main products: Prosthetic parts, orthotic parts

.Experience: More than 15 years.

.Management System:ISO 13485 .Certificate: ISO 13485/ CE/ SGS MEDICAL I/II Manufacture certificate

.Location: Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China.

.Advantage: Comlete kinds products,good quality,excellent price,best after-sales service,and specially we have ourselves design and development teams,all the designers have rich experienced in prosthetic and orthotic lines.So we can provide professional customization(OEM service) and design services(ODM service) to meet your unique needs.

.Business Scope: Artificial limbs, orthopedic devices and related accessories needed by medical rehabilitation institutions. We mainly deal in the sale of lower limb prosthetics, orthopedic appliances and accessories,materials, such as artificial feet, knee joints, locking tube adapters, Dennis Brown splint and cotton stockinet, glass fiber stockinet, etc. And we also sell prosthetic cosmetic products, such as foaming cosmetic cover(AK/BK), decorative socks and so on.

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