Artificial limbs Multi-axis Hydraulic Knee Joint Prosthetic Knee

Short Description:

This is a multi-axis knee joint with a fixed hydraulic cylinder. A comprehensive high-performance hydraulic system supports the
control state of the swing period. At the same time, the flexion and extension damping can be adjusted respectively through the
one-way valve, which can be changed to that of walking. The safety is sufficiently guaranteed, and it is closer to the motion
state of the human knee joint when walking. The installation of the knee joint is convenient for the user to obtain a good gait.
1. Material: aluminum-magnesium alloy. 2. The geometric lock structure greatly improves the stability of the knee joint during the
support swing phase, and the geometric lock is automatically unlocked when the knee joint motion transitions to walking. 3. The
long connecting rod design makes the patient's walking more energy-saving and the sitting posture more beautiful. 4. The swing
period damping controlled by the hydraulic cylinder enables the user to easily realize variable speed walking, and the gait is
natural and beautiful.

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Product specification


The joint must be inspected and repaired if necessary at least every 6 months!


.The alignment

.The screw connections

.The suitability of the patient (e.g.weight limit,degree of mobility)

.Loss of lubricant

.Damage to the joint and anchor adapter


· Clean the joint with a soft cloth moistened with a little mild benzene.Do not use any more aggressive cleaning agents because these can damage the seals and bushes.

· Do not use compresed air for clenning!Compressed air can force dirt into the seals and bushes.

This can lead to premature damage and wear.

Company Profile

.Business Type: Manufacturer/Factory

.Main products:Prosthetic parts, orthotic parts

.Experience:More than 15 years.

.Management System:ISO 13485

.Location: Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China.

.Advantage: Comlete kinds products,good quality,excellent price,best after-sales service,and specially we have ourselves design and development teams,all the designers have rich experienced in prosthetic and orthotic lines.So we can provide professional customization(OEM service) and design services(ODM service) to meet your unique needs.

Business Scope: Artificial limbs, orthopedic devices and related accessories needed by medical rehabilitation institutions. We mainly deal in the sale of lower limb prosthetics, orthopedic appliances and accessories,materials, such as artificial feet, knee joints, locking tube adapters, Dennis Brown splint and cotton stockinet, glass fiber stockinet, etc. And we also sell prosthetic cosmetic products, such as foaming cosmetic cover(AK/BK), decorative socks and so on.

Processing Steps

Drawings design—Mold making—Precision casting—CNC maching—Polishing—SurfaceFinishing—Assembly—Quality Inspection—Packing—Stock—Delivery


ISO 13485/ CE/ SGS  MEDICAL I/II Manufacture certificate


For prosthesis ; For orthotic ; For paraplegia ; For AFO brace ; For KAFO Brace

Main Export Markets

Asia; Eastern Europe; Mid East; Africa; Western Europe; South America

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