Dragon Boat Festival

The fifth day of the fifth lunar month is the traditional Dragon Boat Festival in my country. For the end of the day, the fifth day is the number of yang, so it is also called the "Duanyang Festival".

1. Dragon Boat Festival Rice Dumplings
Eating dumplings during the Dragon Boat Festival is another traditional custom of the Chinese people. Zongzi, also known as "corn millet", "tube dumplings". It has a long history and many patterns.

Dragon Boat Festival1

In the morning of the Dragon Boat Festival, every family eats dumplings to commemorate Qu Yuan. Generally, they wrap the dumplings the day before, cook them at night, and eat them in the morning. Bao Zongzi is mainly made of tender reed leaves that are abundant near the river pond, and bamboo leaves are also used. They are collectively called zongye. The traditional form of rice dumplings is triangular, generally named after the inland dumplings, the rice dumplings are called rice dumplings, the rice mixed with adzuki beans are called adzuki rice dumplings, and the rice mixed with red dates are called zong zong zong; At most, children who intend to study can eat first in the morning. In the past, students who had taken the imperial examinations had to eat jujube in the morning. So far in the morning of the entrance examination day of middle schools and colleges, parents also have to make jujube for students.
Dragon Boat Festival2

Dragon Boat Festival

Until today, every year in early May, Chinese people dipped glutinous rice, washed rice dumplings and rice dumplings, and their varieties of colors were even more diverse. From the perspective of fillings, there are many packages of Beijing jujube rice dumplings in the north; in the south, there are various fillings such as bean paste, fresh meat, ham, and egg yolk. The custom of eating dumplings has been popular in China for thousands of years, and it has spread to North Korea, Japan and Southeast Asian countries.

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